Rob wearing a AR headset
NDCWales Presents


In September 2019, NDCWales were one of 23 organisations awarded funding from Clwstwr; a five-year programme to create new digital services and experiences for screen.

Experts in dance and technology will work together in National Dance Company Wales to create and test new ways to make dance experiences using layered-reality technologies.

We’ll invite people to test and participate in dance stories that aim to change traditional audience/performer relationships and hopefully connect people to their own physicality.

We will explore the knowledge-exchange between choreographers, academics, and programmers to collaborate on ways to connect to audiences to dance in new and exciting ways. This project aimed to explore knowledge-exchange between choreographers, academics, mixed reality designers and programmers to build a basic demonstrator that addresses a longer-term ambition to connect to audiences outside the traditional touring model and develop vital new markets for dance.


Clwstwr - Perspective: Meshing technology and dance with Moving Layers

dancer hand forward towards the camera
Folu gazing at the light
someone back to the camera wearing the glasses
someone sitting on the floor looking up wearing the glasses