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Creative Collaborations

In 2019 we worked in partnership with Allensbank Primary School and Cantonian High School in Cardiff to create a unique way of working to develop dance and literacy in education, as part of Arts Council Wales’ Creative Collaborations Grant.

We worked closely with teachers to research and develop a new programme of workshops which focused on transferring written based learning and classroom teaching practices into movement based learning using dance practices.

The aim was to help improve levels of literacy working with foundation class and key stage 2 class from Allensbank Primary, and a key stage 3 class (year 7) from the 'Access Base' in Cantonian High School.

2 images of pupils in blue t-shirts performing dance and then a group picture facing the camera

"All pupils found the collaboration highly beneficial. It has given them an opportunity to try something new, they all found a likeness for dance and as my pupils have ASD it gave them a way of expressing their emotions and feelings. As a teacher it has opened up my mind to different learning opportunities and different ways of teaching. I have begun embedding expression and dance into my literacy curriculum. I would really like another opportunity to work with the dancers again."

Aimee Philips, ASD Teacher, Cantonian High School


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“A huge thank you to Sian and Jack from all of us at Allensbank. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the project and the teachers have been able to take a lot from it too. I felt so proud of the children when watching them dance yesterday and it has been lovely to see some of the less confident children grow over the past 12 weeks. 

I could see from the sessions yesterday; how hard Sian and Jack have worked and how lovely they have been with the children. It has been a pleasure to take part in this project and I hope to take a lot from it going forward into the new curriculum.”

Hannah Mapstone, Year 6, Teacher Allensbank Primary