8 dancers in a row heads facing down
NDCWales Presents

Tundra Online

Full Production (31 minutes)

by Marcos Morau

Tundra is a barren landscape where ultra-modern creativity blinks into life and tears pages from history books about Russian folk dance, the USSR and revolution. 

Tundra Learning Pack

Marcos Morau’s bold style draws inspiration from art and cinema. Tundra takes old ideas and uses contemporary dance to give them renewed meaning. 

Choreographer: Marcos Morau 

Choreographer's Assistants: Marinba Rodruguez, Lorena Nogal & Lee Johnston 

Visual Artist, Set & Design: Joseff Fletcher 

Music: Svadebnie pesni (Duhovskaya) by Olga Sergeeva, Cradle Song (Russian Dewish) by Kitka, 1559 W. Cunningham Cosmogr. Glasse 125 by Akira Rebelais, Fail by Demdike Stare, Consumed by The Haxan Cloack, Shisen by Mariah 

Lighting Design: Joseff Fletcher 

Costume Design: Angharad Matthews 


Tundra Q&A