4 pairs of feet standing in soil
NDCWales Presents


This year we will be hosting a new Laboratori programme that brings together artists from the company and from the independent dance sector in Wales to test new choreographic ideas and ways of working.

Supported by Groundwork Pro, the Cardiff-based collective of dance artists, the Laboratori will offer participants mentorship and stimulus to evolve and extend their usual ways of working.

The mentors for the Laboratori will be Lea Anderson (founder of iconic dance groups, The Cholmondeleys and of The Featherstonehaughs) and Éric Minh Cuong Castaing (Artistic Director of Shonen, a French company that works with dance, new technology and a diversity of performers).

Groundwork Pro are providing four one-week bursaries for Wales-based dance artists to attend the Laboratori, two on week one and two on week two. The opportunity is aimed at dance artists with an existing choreographic practice who are open to interrogating their practice and exploring new formats and new contexts for their work.

Find out more about the applications via Groundwork Pro