Outside The Dance House
NDCWales Presents


Test out and develop new ideas at our home the Dance House.

You get to use our state of the art studio facilities and the chance to share your work in progress at the end of the week with a small invited audience.

Residencies are open to professional dance artists and choreographers and will offer the unique opportunity to work for up to 8 hours a day for one week.

A choreographer may bring up to 4 dancers to work with during this period.

Our week long residency will give you:

-  free use of studio space

- the opportunity to discuss and share the development of your work

- the chance to engage with the Dance House and NDCWales for advice and support. (e.g public relations, budget advice...)

Resident artists will be asked to deliver some or all of the following:

- open discussion/creative sessions for other artists

- A sharing of the work in progress at the end of the week

How to Apply

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently taking applications for residencies. If you wish to be on our mailing list to find out when our applications open please email sarah@ndcwales.co.uk