5 dancers in a line, one in the middle clapping and the other 4 sticking their tongues out
NDCWales Presents

Roots 2019

Four short sharp pieces of dance.

Roots is a guided tour though contemporary dance; we take some of our favourite pieces and pair them with a discussion at the end to help you get to the heart of the stories.

You can ask anything you like or just sit back and enjoy.

We’ll show you four dances made by a mix of new voices and established choreographers. Each is a bite-sized short story and different from the one before it.

Rygbi by NDCWales’ Artistic Director Fearghus Ó Conchúir celebrates the sport and the number of people it takes to make an effective Rugby team; and highlights the hopes, dreams, glory and passion of rallying together on and off the pitch.

Écrit by Nikita Goile draws inspiration from a letter written by iconic artist, Frida Kahlo to her partner, Diego Riviera. The piece is about relationships and explores the delicate balance between control and surrender.

Why Are People Clapping by Ed Myhill has is set to composer Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping music’, and playfully uses rhythm and percussion as a driving force. The music is performed live by the dancers: the clapping creates an energetic soundtrack for the dynamic and witty dance.

We will be commissioning for the first time Anthony Matsena who was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Swansea. His new uplifting dance will draw inspiration from Welsh communities who draw together to tackle isolation and depression during troubled times.