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Tanzmesse 2020

Next year’s Tanzmesse dance showcase will take place in Düsseldorf 26-30 August 2020.

For the third edition in a row, NDCWales will host the ‘Dance from Wales’ booth at the three day Trade Fair. This booth must be booked before companies and artists can make proposals to be part of the performance, open studio, site specific or pitching programme; which we are happy to say is now open to Welsh Dance Artists through the Dance from Wales booth.

The deadline for making any proposal to the festival is 30 September, for the artists guide, please click here.

To find out more about Tanzmesse please click here: https://www.tanzmesse.com/en/tanzmesse/2020/

Artists wishing to make a proposal will need an invitation from the Booth co-ordinator, at NDCWales and will cost €25 per proposal.

To request an invitation to propose or for more information – please email Sarah@ndcwales.co.uk

Please note that NDCWales has no say in the proposal process, and acts only as booth coordinator for Wales.

The festival will issue acceptances by February next year.