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Youth Dance Night 13 dancer lined up against a yellow back drop and 1 dancer at the front facing the right leaning forward arms behind them
NDCWales Presents

Youth Dance Night

Application for Youth Dance Night 2019 – Sunday 8 December

This year’s NDCWales’ Youth Dance Night will explore how young dancers express an inclusive and contemporary vision of what Wales is and what it can be in the future.  This year NDCWales will be inviting 5 groups to perform at Youth Dance Night 2019 along with NDCWales Associates, to form an evening which embodies Youth Dance in Wales in 2019. The performances will take place Sunday 8 December.

There will be an opportunity for a representative from each company to speak a little about themselves and their piece just before their performance. Pieces should be between 5-9 minutes in length. There will also be a short Q and A at the end of the evening where the audience ask the companies more about their pieces and about the performing groups.

To apply please submit a dance film to Guy O’Donnell, Learning and Participation Producer at Or if the film is already online a link in the application form.

Submissions to be made by Friday 4 October

Applicants will be informed by Friday the 18 October

We look forward to your application.


Details for Youth Dance Night

  • Technical Saturday 7 December (please block the full day out. The full schedule will be released closer to the event based on technical requirements)
  • Dress Rehearsal Sunday 8 December 12.00 -3.30 pm and performances at 4pm and 7 pm.
  • Number of groups performing in total: 6
  • Length of pieces: 5-9 minutes.
  • Members of the groups should be aged 12+



  • The stage is a black dance floor. We would prefer bare feet or soft shoe. If the costume requirements are different, please put this in your application.
  • Each company will be allocated 1 hour tech Saturday 7 December Technical. PLEASE BLOCK THE ENTIRE DAY OUT. A full schedule will be released closer to the performances.  
  • Where possible we want to support your attendance to perform, but there will be minimum technical support for lighting and sets.
  • Dress rehearsal and performances on Sunday 8 December
  • There will be a full company warm up delivered by NDCWales and an opportunity to purchase tickets to see all of the companies work on Sunday