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NDCWales Presents


By Mario Bermudez Gil

Production Info
22 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

Atalaÿ is a watch tower from which far off lands can be seen from four points; a contagious dance influenced by the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Creative Team

Music: G.S. Sultan: Redundancy Charm Study, Asian Dub Foundation: Dhol Rinse, Deru: Only the Circle, Erkan: Our Firat Agit, Mercan Dede: Toz Pembe

Lighting Design: Joseff Fletcher

Costume Design: Brigdhe Penn

Costume Maker: Amy Barrett


Mario Bermudez Gil

Mario Bermudez Gil

“The movement is sinuous, percussive, spiritual, and in places relentless.”

Buzz Magazine 

“It’s a stylish, impassioned work that strikes a deft balance between seriousness and silliness, softness and vibrancy.”

The Stage

“Fletcher’s stunning lighting design is the other star of Atalaÿ – The moment where one solo performer movement skews and distorts the backlight was my highlight of the piece"

Arthur's Seat

Atalay jumping image
2 images, Julia and Nikita dancing individually
Atalay dancers facing the back with dust in the air