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Our programmes will resonate with the diverse communities of Wales and working with others we will ignite the spark of interest in dance with the widest range of promoters in every corner of the nation, building audiences for dance.

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Spring 2019

Spring 2019 - Discover Dance is a fun and relaxed interactive performance. Try some dance, then watch the professionals in action.

What We've Done

This high energy, vibrant piece captures the intensity of nature’s elements during a storm, set against the power generated by an alternative rock music concert.

Afterimage is a journey of fleeting images; of appearance and disappearance. Mirrors are used on stage to form a unique theatrical experience where the past and the present collide with a poetic & creative style of dance.

Atalaÿ is a watch tower from which far off lands can be seen from four points; a contagious dance influenced by the warmth of the Mediterranean.
In Bernadette we find ourselves voyeurs of a struggle to maintain order amidst chaos. What seems to be a mundane task becomes a touchingly futile struggle to persevere against all odds.

Folk is a vintage fairy-tale, set in a rich fantastical world under the boughs of an upside-down tree, as darkly whimsical as it is enchanting.

Omertà is about the role of women in Italian Mafia society, and, historically, how their lives, experience and stories were often kept hidden.

A radical retelling of the 1917 surreal ballet Parade. This re imagining was performed as part of the Russia 17 season across Wales.
Passion was a co-production by MTW and NDCWales. Created in association with the London Sinfonietta.
Profundis dares us to ask questions about what things are, and what they are not.

Revellers’ Mass delves into a sumptuous world of ritual.

An unlikely group gathers for a dinner party, where convictions, tradition and social etiquette are put to the test in an unexpected evening of revelry. The animated choreography and curious characters are Inspired by iconic paintings and historical events. 

Caroline Finn takes us on a nostalgic journey, asking us to peer into The Green House. On a twisted TV set, characters discover the fine line between fantasy and reality.
Tundra is a barren landscape where ultra-modern creativity blinks into life and tears pages from history books about Russian folk dance, the USSR and revolution.
Tuplet is a swift, pulsating 18-minute tour de force for six dancers.