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Rugby is a game that connects different communities across the country and in an international arena where Welsh bodies perform with power, passion and skill.

Our new project, Rygbi, connects NDCWales’ expertise in dance to the nation’s expertise in rugby and celebrates teams who work together to carry the hopes and dreams of communities through committed performances on stage and on the pitch. It also uses dance to show the strength and beauty of the communities that support them.

Touring as part of
Bright sky eisteddfod

Rygbi: Annwyl i mi/Dear to me

Rygbi - Annwyl i mi/Dear to me connects dance and our nation’s passion for rugby.
Huddle of people in the right corner, dark grey skies

Roots 2019

7-27 November 2019

Four short pieces of dance from Wales, each different from the one before it.
7 dancers screaming with joy, one standing upside down


February - May 2020

Dance that connects us

It brings people, families, friends, clubs, teams, tribes and communities together.

NDCWales perform poetry, sport and politics across three powerful pieces of dance.

rugby huddle with blue sky

The Rygbi project will include:

  • Workshops, chats, hang outs, playing and dancing with diverse rugby clubs and their communities of support, to get to the heart of the sport and everyone involved.
  • A range of participation work available for all ages that connects the passion for rugby with the joy of dance
  • A  series of live performances for indoor or outdoor settings and for venues of different sizes – some with the professional dancers of NDCWales, some with other movement experts and enthusiasts.

Rygbi will be performed in various formats throughout the next few years including: 

Outdoors at the National Eisteddfod 2019 – Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me

In Japan to coincide with the Rugby World Cup 2019 Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me

As part of Roots 2019 in small rural venues Rygbi: Annwyl Dear

As part of our 2020 Spring tour to larger venues  Rygbi: Yma / Here

Creative Team

ChoreographerFearghus Ó Conchúir and performers

Composer: Tic Ashfield

Costume designer: Carl Davies

Costume Assistant: Angharad Griffin


Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Fearghus Ó Conchúir directing headshot