Tuplet | National Dance Company Wales
6 dancers in a row each standing on a white square
NDCWales Presents


by Alexander Ekman

Production Info
18 minutes

Tuplet is a swift, pulsating 18-minute tour de force for six dancers. Utilising a score created in collaboration with the dancers’ own rhythmic impulses and employing their individual bodies as percussion instruments, the soundscape is integrated with original electronic music composed by Mikael Karlsson.




tuplet to dancers, bodies open one leg in the air

“I’ve worked with rhythm in many of my pieces… it’s a huge part of my work. When I make a piece I want it to be about something, a very clear subject or a concept, so I thought it was time to dedicate a whole piece to rhythm.”

“I believe in honesty on stage and if a dancer is having an experience on stage themselves... I actually try and get the dancers to have more an experience rather than performing the work.”

“I think the size of the company (11 dancers) creates a very relaxed working atmosphere, and it’s fun and when I have fun, I create well and I want to create, so I start to make changes and it becomes more fresh…Every time I re-set the work it becomes new because the dancers are the piece … that’s the beauty of it, I get to see the same piece but it changes because its alive.”

- Alexander Ekman

Creative Team

Choreographer's Assistants: Ana Lucaciu

Lighting Design: Amith A. Chandrashaker

Costume Design: Nancy Haeyung Bae

Costume Maker: Louise Edmunds



Alexander Ekman

 Alexander Ekman headshot
tuplet, dancer silhouetted against a white background
Tuplet image of Cami arms outstretched
Tuplet image of ed facing back of stage