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Nigel Charnock jumping in the air
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25 minutes

Recognising that we live in a time of political, economic and social uncertainty, the Spring Tour in 2020 brings together work that examines different versions of community. We will be reviving Lunatic, created for NDCWales by one of Britain’s most influential choreographers, Nigel Charnock. Lunatic was created ten years ago, but its questions of national, gender and class identity have a renewed resonance in 2020 that makes it important to bring again to audiences.



Touring as part of
7 dancers screaming with joy, one standing upside down


February - May 2020

Dance that connects us

It brings people, families, friends, clubs, teams, tribes and communities together.

NDCWales perform poetry, sport and politics across three powerful pieces of dance.

“The work is flavoured by earlier times but crafted with the immediate engagement desired by the ‘You Tube Generation’, quite short scenes that quickly flow and develop, dance that immediately communicates and connects.”  Nigel Charnock

Creative Team

Costume Design: Shanti Freed

Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh

Music: Glen Miller, Underworld, Kitty Kallen, Bach, Billy Holiday


Nigel Charnock

When Nigel created Lunatic in 2009, he explained that the title was inspired by dreams, nightmares and the moon.
Noting that “When people look at the word Lunatic they think of madness, so they are prepared for anything that can happen on stage, it is not predictable.” He recalled that whilst on a trip to Prague, he found it hard to sleep and spent a lot of time awake whilst others slept under the moon. ‘Moon, Luna, Lunatic’.

Following this, he watched a documentary about insomnia, sleep walking and the things people do whilst asleep. He asked whose decision it is was who was labelled as ‘mad’.

Nigel was also fascinated by the 1950’s. There was a period after the war when people expected things to be better, but were disappointed; something as relevant in 2020 as it was in 2010 and indeed 1950.  The music, style and design of the 1950s provide the setting for Lunatic including, of course, Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade.

Raised in North Wales, Nigel studied at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, co-founding the ground-breaking DV8 he went onto tour internationally a unique series of solo performances and company works. 

Nigel made dance that connected audiences. He created dance that anyone could understand and relate to; and that’s as true today as it ever was.