They seek to find the happiness they seem 2 dancers
NDCWales Presents

They Seek to Find the Happiness They Seem

by Lee Johnston

Production Info
13 minutes

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem is an exploration of the separation and disconnection that can occur within a relationship. It uses reconfigured snippets of imagery from popular culture that connect with us all on a subconscious level.

Creative Team

Music: Lines On A Page (One Hundred Violins) by Max Richter; The Four Seasons: Spring 2 by Vivaldi (recomposed by Max Richter), The Four Seasons Winter 3 by Vivaldi (recomposed by Max Richter); The Four Seasons: Summer 2 by Vivaldi (recomposed by Max Richter).

Lighting Design: Joseff Fletcher

Costume Design: Zepur Agopyan


Lee Johnston

Lee Johnston

“beautifully intimate...heartbreakingly sad” 

- Steve Stratford Reviews

Dancers in Seek with back leg in the air, backs to the camera

"They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem is a special work for Joe and I that took form effortlessly and mysteriously.  At the time, I was fascinated by the impenetrable inner world between couples and of individuals.  Built from a jigsaw puzzle of reconfigured snippets from classic love stories and famous dance partnerships it focusses on the theme of dislocation and separation within a relationship. The source material was specifically chosen from popular culture, material that forms part of our collective consciousness but that we may carry unknowingly, so that an interplay between recognition and memory further informs the experience of dislocation and separation."  

- Lee Johnston

The seek to find the happiness they seem, 2 dancers outstretched arms against each other
they seek to find the happiness they seem, 1 dancer facing front, body twisted
they seek to find the happiness they seem, 2 dancers head to head