2 dancers through a piece of lighting gel
NDCWales Presents

2067: Time and Time and Time

Production Info
Choreographer: Alexandra Waierstall

2067: Time and Time and Time is elegant. Dancers reveal a shimmering poem about the relationship between the history of time and the poetry of destiny.

Creative Team

Choreography, Concept: Alexandra Waierstall
Choreographic Collaboration: Harry Koushos
Composer: Hauschka
Lighting Design: Caty Olive
Constume Concept: Alexandra Waierstall
Set Design: Alexandra Waierstall

Costume Design: Brighde Penn


Alexandra Waierstall

Alexandra long hair arm pointing forward
Aisha with arms in the air
2 dancers holding long lighting gel while 2 dancers move behind it
1 dancers with their arms out and leg pointing forward