Bernadette image dancer on the floor and flour in the air
NDCWales Presents


By Caroline Finn

Production Info
14 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

In Bernadette we find ourselves voyeurs of a struggle to maintain order amidst chaos. What seems to be a mundane task becomes a touchingly futile struggle to persevere against all odds.

Is Bernadette's spiral into disorder a result of external influences or is it self-inflicted? Are her feelings of terror understandable or pathological?

Whether we laugh at Bernadette or cry with her, we can put into question how we deal with situations that seem beyond our control. 

Creative Team

Costume Design:  Caroline Finn

Lighting Design: Caroline Finn

Music: In a Manner of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague, Excerpts from: Zoku by Kodo


Caroline Finn

Caroline Finn
Bernadette under the table, head on the floor
2 images of Bernadette, one with table and mixing bowl, one looking out to the audience