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NDCWales Presents


By Caroline Finn

Production Info
28 minutes run time
Suitable for ages 8+

Folk is a vintage fairy-tale, set in a rich fantastical world under the boughs of an upside-down tree, as darkly whimsical as it is enchanting.

Touring as part of
Folk image, 2 dancers, 1 leaping into the air

International Touring

Our international touring for December.


folk image on the bench with hand over mouth

“I love watching people; their quirks and idiosyncrasies, and the way they function in different social scenarios. So I wanted to make a piece which is largely about social dynamics – exploring the relationships between people and how they behave when they are in a group compared to how they behave when they are on their own. What makes people form a group or a particular connection with someone? What ostracises people from a group and how does this affect their behaviour?

“I was also inspired by the variety and expressions of the characters and communities you see in old 17th and 18th century oil paintings and encouraged the dancers to create their own characters for the piece based on some of these oil paintings.

“I wanted to create a surreal-yet-familiar community for the characters in the piece to exist in – pushing the fine line between fantasy and reality; a world which is not immediately identifiable or recognisable, yet which we can all relate to on some level.”

— Caroline Finn


“Weird & wonderful like all the best myths & fables” 

- Matthew Bourne

“a fairy tale for our age; one that is vintage and modern”

- Dance Tabs

It is a modernist fable…It is in parts hilarious, but often it is extremely moving.”

- Wales Arts Review

Creative Team

Choreographer: Caroline Finn

Set & Design: Joe Fletcher

Music: Barcarola (Offenbach a Giraud) gan Mantavoni and his Orchestra, Midnight Waltz gan Adam Hurst, O Zorbas gan Mikis Theodorakis, Homo Fugit velut umbra gan Christina Pluhar & L’Arpeggiata, Black Gold gan Armand Amar + Sarah Nemtanu, Pepa gan Carles Santos, Threnody gan Goldmund

Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher

Costume Design: Gabriella Slade

Costume Maker: Eva Ott & Amy Barrett



Caroline Finn

Caroline Finn
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