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Production Info
22 minutes

Dream by the brilliant Christopher Bruce CBE is a heart-warming, charming and nostalgic dance piece inspired by bygone schools sports days and Jubilee street parties.

The 1950’s vintage costumes and sepia lighting hark back to days of Jubilee celebrations and summer fêtes. Dream is set to Ravel’s Bolero and Lent, the last movement of Valses Nobles et Sentimentales and climaxes with the second movement from Penillion by Welsh composer Grace Williams.

Dream was originally created in 2012 for the cultural Olympiad and was performed as part of Dance GB – a showing of the best dance from across England Scotland and Wales.

Dream received standing ovations world wide, and we are so excited to bring it back to the digital stage, at a time when joy is essential. 

Image: Andy Ross

Creative Team

Choreography: Christopher Bruce CBE

Music: Last movement from ‘Valses Nobles et Sentimentales - Lent’ and ‘Bolero’ by Ravel; 2nd movement from “Penillion” by Grace Williams

Design: Christopher Bruce CBE

Lighting Design: Guy Hoare

Costume Realisation and Making: Nia Thomson and Angharad Spencer

Original Dancers: Lee Johnston, Eleesha Drennan, Annabeth Berkeley, Neus Gil Cortés, Gareth Mole, Josef Perou, Matteo Marfoglia, Camille Giraudeau, Naomi Tadevossian, Nicholas Bodych  

Headshot photo: Mark Bruce



Christopher Bruce CBE

Christopher Bruce headshot