4 dancers each under a spotlight dressed in black
NDCWales Presents


by Matteo Marfoglia

Production Info
10 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

Omertà is about the role of women in Italian Mafia society, and, historically, how their lives, experience and stories were often kept hidden. The dance tells a tale of oppression, the route to freedom and the difficulty of revealing the truth. Omertà is a code of honor that places importance on silence, non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of others.

Creative Team

Music: Domina by Faraualla

Sound Design: Sarah Everson

Lighting Design: Leighton Thomas-Burnett

Costume Design: Rike Zoellner

HeadshotNicole Guarino 



Matteo Marfoglia

Matteo Marfoglia

“An extremely moving and powerful piece...a sad and haunting story made more so by the truth that inspired it”

- Wales Arts Reviews

“A powerful work from the promising Marfoglia.” 

- Buzz Magazine

“A challenging work with an important message in today’s world of crime and those who are affected by it.” 

- James Ellis, Campaign 

"It is a work which brings awareness to the position and jobs of the female figure in South Italian mafia organisations and explores a route towards an unreachable freedom which some of those women look for all their life and sadly realising there might not be one.

My interest to create this work was to investigate deeper into the role of those women which is always characterised by its ambiguity and unclearness, and usually not acknowledged by the general public or the mafia organisation itself, but also to give them a platform to be heard and their stories to be told. I was also looking to try to move away from the stereotype figure that the general public has about women in Mafia organisations, I wanted to challenge that by stripping away those superficial ornaments and get to the real core and purpose of this particular role."

- Matteo Marfoglia

4 dancers with heads facing up
Omerta 4 dancers with buckets each under a spotlight
omerta 2 dancers holdibng hands forward with heads down