a mighty wind dancer in the air
NDCWales Presents

A Mighty Wind

By Jeroen Verbruggen

Production Info
30 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

NDCWales presents A Mighty Wind, by Jeroen Verbruggen, one of Europe’s most exciting choreographers. This high energy, vibrant piece captures the intensity of nature’s elements during a storm, set against the power generated by an alternative rock music concert.

“A Mighty Wind in my eyes can be many things. I think first of all it's something bigger than ourselves that we want to overcome or try to beat against, but a mighty wind can also be a mighty wind. Also towards the music of the piece, A Mighty Wind can also be the loudness of the rock music as where the sound becomes a mighty wind and basically the piece is kind of I see my piece as a poem, which plays with themes of the winds and overcoming things or trying to erase things like little sections of memories, erase or take along or a mixtures of situations all connected to this almighty winds.”

Jeroen Verbruggen



dancers in a group holding heads in strange positions
Creative Team

Designer: Jeroen Verbruggen

Sound Design by: James Kennedy

     Works by:

     Lifeproof  - And So I Watch You From Afar

     I believe in Love - Shalabi Effect

     Blip, Piano - Enemies

     Sound Effects Library

     Swing low sweet Chariot, Do Room - Diamanda Galas

     Air on the “G” String - Natalia Paruz

     Tape-Recursion - Because of Ghosts

     Local 16 studio - Diabologum

     Cheree - Suicide


Lighting Design: Ben Ormerod

Design Consultant: Suzi Dorey

Costume makers: Amy Barrett, Louise Edmunds & Angharad Spencer



Jeroen Verbruggen

Jeroen Verbruggen
2 dancers in a close embrace
dancer looking into smoke
3 images of dancers close to a microphone