Dancer with head tipped back arms spread out
NDCWales Presents

Revellers' Mass

An unlikely group gathers for a dinner party, where convictions, tradition and social etiquette are put to the test in an unexpected evening of revelry. 

Touring as part of
Creative Team

Choreographer: Caroline Finn

Set & Lighting Design: Joseff Fletcher

Costume Design: Gabriella Slade

Sound Design: Charlie Knight

Music: Monk with Bell by Michael Stearns, Eternity Theme (from Eternity and a day, Eleni Karaindrou) by Tehran Vocal Ensemble, Messe in Re Maggiore P.46: Kyrie by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Messe di S. Emidio (Missa Romana) :X. Qui sedes ad dexterem patris by Giovanni Battista, Love theme (from Cinema Paradiso) by Tehran Vocal ensemble, A collection of Religious and Traditional Songs by Chants From The Holy Land, Pizzica degli Ucci by Mercan Dede, Lu povero ‘Ntonuccio (lamento funebre) traditionnel by Lucilla Galeazzi, Marco Beasley, l’Arpeggiata, Cristina Pluhar. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf.


Caroline Finn

Caroline Finn