5 dancers, 1 in the middle leaping the other 4 watching and clapping
NDCWales Presents

Clap for Carers

Dance Film (1 minute)

The 1-minute clap sequence is a short-pre-recorded dance film inspired by Ed Myhill’s Why Are People Clapping!? The original dance piece was created as part of National Dance Company Wales’ Alternative Routes in 2018, before it toured across Wales as part of the Company’s Routes tour in 2019.


Why Are People Clapping!? is set to composer Steve Reich’s Clapping Music and uses rhythm as a driving force. The dancers use lively movement and clapping to create a soundtrack for the fun and dynamic dance.

The short video is a thank you to NHS, carers and support workers across the UK and beyond. Join us as we clap long, clap loud and clap with thanks.