Cami throwing flower in the air
NDCWales Presents


by Caroline Finn

Production Info
14 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

Bernadette by NDCWales’ resident choreographer Caroline Finn is like watching the outtakes from  Great British Bake off, both hilarious and really, very  tragic. This piece of comedic dance is very messy,  both physically and emotionally: flour and feelings  everywhere.

Creative Team

Costume Design:  Caroline Finn

Lighting Design: Caroline Finn

Music: In a Manner of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague, Excerpts from: Zoku by Kodo


Caroline Finn

Caroline Finn

“moving, and yet somehow quite funny” 

- We Reviewed This 

“sheer singular bloody brilliance” 

- Wales Arts Review

“Anybody who sees Bernadette must feel honoured to witness it, as Finn is a masterful character dancer who feeds so much pathos into an accomplished physicality."

- Steve Stratford Reviews 

Cami pouring flour in to a mixing bowl
Cami stood on a table with a wig in her hand and looking up
Cami lying under a table in despair