2 dancers, one as a silhouette behind a sheet and the second looking up from the floor
NDCWales Presents


by Nikita Goile

Production Info
10 minutes

Écrit by Nikita Goile was inspired by a letter from iconic artist Frida Kahlo to her partner Diego.

Creative Team

Set and Costume Designer: Erty Huang

Lighting Designer: Jose Tevar

Sound Design: Benjamin Smith

Composer: Florencia Alen

Music: What difference a day makes by Dinah Washington, Death and life by Balanescu Quartet, Esse olhar que era só teu by Dead Combo, all other music by Florencia Alen


Nikita Goile

Nikita Goile headshot

"The love in this dance makes me cry. This feels as if it has been born perfect, perfection born of two imperfect creatures in a story of passion and pain."

- Get the Chance

“An intense and passionate piece” 

- South Wales Argus 

“The dynamics of that turbulent, but essentially loving relationship were beautifully and cleverly expressed” 

- Buzz Magazine 

The clever duet is performed by a female dancer and a giant silhouette of her lover.  It’s a beautiful power struggle that reflects the ups and downs of passionate relationships.  

"As the research started it became clear the piece would explore relationships and its dynamic, and how much do we influence one another. When pushing the boundaries, we can easily reach this delicate state where there is no distinction between control and surrender. The power keeps on shifting between the dancers, as a game."

- Nikita Goile, Choreographer

dancer on her kees one arm pointing infron of her, her other arm in the air pointing behind. wearing a white silk top