5 dancers in a line looking with their eyes to the right and the centre person clapping
NDCWales Presents

Why Are People Clapping!?

by Ed Myhill

Production Info
13 minutes
Age guidance: 8+

Why Are People Clapping!? by Ed Myhill is set to composer Steve Reich’s Clapping Music and uses rhythm as a driving force. The dancers use lively movement and clapping to create a soundtrack for the fun and dynamic dance.


#KinKids dance class for ages 7+

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Touring as part of
Revellers Mass

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Creative Team

Set and Costume Designer: Elin Steele

Lighting Designer: Jose Tevar

Sound Design: Benjamin Smith

Music: The Tennis by Max Peltier, The Drone by Benjamin Smith, Clapping Music by Steve Reich


Ed Myhill

Headshot Ed Myhill

"Slapping, clapping, rollicking dance"

- Get the Chance

“a classic NDCWales piece, having wonderful group dynamic and humour. 

- South Wales Argus 

“This fun, frivolous, and sometimes very funny piece had me enthralled” 

- Buzz Magazine 

"With the music performed live by the dancers, this piece explores the simple sound of a clap and how it can be used to create a colourful and energetic soundscape and environment for dance. The dancers communicate through the sounds they make live with their own hands, creating a raw openness on stage. This is a light-hearted yet strongly driven piece of dance and music."

- Ed Myhill, Choreographer

group in a circle while someone dances in the middle everyone clapping
2 people playing tennis together, clapping
one person dancing freestyle