2 images one with 2 a boy dancing with dance ambassador and the other with a boy doing work with a dancer helping

Public sharing of NDCWales and Cantonian High School Dance and Literacy Creative Collaborations project

There will be a public sharing of the NDCWales and Cantonian High School Dance and Literacy,  Creative Collaborations project funded by Arts Council Wales on Wednesday the 3rd of April between 10-11am on the Glanfa stage at the WMC.

“This Creative Collaborations project is a collaboration between National Dance Company Wales and Cantonian High School, Cardiff . The project explores new ways of teaching Literacy through Dance. Students and teachers have worked with the dance artists through tailored dance sessions in order to support  literacy development. Thematic work has also been utilised to inform the choreography.

The project is jointly funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government, Creative learning through the arts.”

Project Administrator Lizzie Davies-MacMillan, Dance Tutors Siân Rowlands and Jack Philp

This performance forms part of a week of activity celebrating Arts Council Wales Creative Learning Through the Arts. More information here