zoom DfP class
NDCWales Presents

Ed and Flow

Created by members of NDCWales Dance for Parkinson's

Ed and Flow was created during the Autumn 2020 term of our Dance for Parkinson’s classes online. This Dance film is inspired by Ed Myhill’s Clapping, an online version of the stage version of Why are People Clapping?!, created during COVID 19. As our Dance for Parkinson’s classes moved online, similar to the NDCWales company, we took inspiration from the repertoire and adapted them for this new platform.

‘Why are People Clapping’ is inspired by Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping’ music, which is also the inspiration for this piece.

"The choreographer Ed Myhill joined our class to discuss and demonstrate how he created his piece ‘Clapping’ online. Focusing on some of elements that we explore in our DFP sessions such as rhythm, facial expressions and creativity we worked on reimagining sections from Ed’s piece that we felt highlighted these elements whilst allowing our participants’ personalities to shine through.”

- Yvette Halfhide