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NDCWales Presents

Rygbi Learning Pack

ages 4+

A range of fun, family friendly dance activities you can all enjoy together, let's get dancing!

This pack is based on our dance performance of "Rygbi" which at the moment can be viewed in full, for free, here.

As a dance company we understand that it can be difficult to keep active now that you're stuck at home, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible! Here you will find a range of fun family friendly dance activities you can all enjoy together, LET'S GET DANCING!

Before you begin any dance task, please ensure you have stretched and warmed up.
Make sure your space is flat with room to move and try to remove any hazards, such as rugs or furniture, to one side.

If you scroll down - we've left simple instructions and video tutorials on the first three tasks - our pack contains seven fun tasks including dance, colouring pages, writing ideas and more. 

2 dancers walking


Suggested Age: 4+
Duration: 10 min+
Group size: 1+

Using any kind of coloured object (for example paper spots, cushions or even toys), cover the floor so that you have a range of colours and objects evenly spread. You can turn the task into a colour treasure hunt challenge if you want at home! Once you have collected your objects call out a sequence of colours which your dancer must go to tap in the correct order.

This activity helps to:

  • Warm up the body
  • Learn and remember patterns
  • Find creative ways to move
  • Explore the space and different pathways


Suggested Age 5+
Duration 10 min+
Group size 1+
Dance Task

Using your body, recreate an image in a set time and freeze in the shape. You can use an actual picture or an object in the home, or you could give an example shape or image.

Or select some words that you think would make an exciting physical image. You could create some cards with the words on and add an image at the end to support literacy learning. Ask the dancers to choose an image from the pack. You could even put the words into a bag and select them  ‘Lucky Dip’ style. The dancers then guess what shape is being made!

This activity helps to:

  • Build teamwork skills
  • Find creative ways to use the body
  • Develop focus
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Motor Skills
tim looking at the floor


Suggested Age 4+
Duration 10 min+
Group size 1+

Think about the shapes from rugby that you see on the pitch. It could be the shapes the players make – when they score a try, make a tackle, or it could be other shapes you see around the stadium, the ball, the posts or even the stadium itself.

Choose four that you think look fun and exciting. Having some shapes that are up high and some that are down on the ground will give your dance variety!

This activity helps to:

·         Developing memory and sequencing

·         Find creative ways to use the body

·         Develop focus

·         Writing

·         Drawing

·         Motor Skills

dancers in rugby kit smiling and kicking high

More Activities

If you are looking for more activities you can download from our different sheets below.


Working in pairs, one person is the lead and the other is the follow. The lead gives touch to the follow to guide them and make them move. The follow has to move each body part towards the lead so that they start to travel.



Either by yourself, with a partner or your family, come into the space and perform a repetitive gesture.



Either by yourself, with a partner or your family, use some of the pictures below to recreate what you see



The kits in ‘Rygbi’ were designed with the memories and personalities of our individual dancers. Using the template provided below design your own kit.



A dance challenge to try from home! Ideas and skills included: Film-making, editing, music creation, dance, script writing, creativity and more! Make it your own.