Legs and rugby boots
CDCCymru yn Cyflwyno

Rygbi: Annwyl / Dear

gan Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Rygbi: Annwyl / Dear gan Fearghus Ó Conchúir yn dathlu rygbi yng Nghymru ac yn amlygu gobeithion, bri ac angerdd tynnu at ein gilydd ar y cae ac oddi arno. Crëwyd Rygbi gyda mewnbwn gan gefnogwyr a chwaraewyr rygbi ar draws Cymru fel bod y ddawns yn sicr yn adleisio'r gamp.


Tîm Creadigol

Cyfansoddwr: Tic Ashfield

Dylunydd gwisgoedd: Carl Davies

Goruchwyliwr Gwisgoedd: Angharad Griffin


Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Fearghus headshot

“an extremely accomplished piece.” 

- Buzz Magazine 

"Ó Conchúir takes us onto the pitch with colour, movement, and music. He makes us breathe the tension of the competition, feel the strain of the muscles, and sense the elation of victory. Rygbi uses the language of dance expertly to tap into our emotions, thoughts, and ideals, and creates a moment of shared passion and commitment."

- Eva Marloes (Get the Chance)

“its valorisation of seamless teamwork coupled with individual excellence is achieved with great deftness and subtlety.” 

- British Theatre Guide 

Dancers facing the back of the stage in a line, arms over their shoulders
dancer over the shoulder of another
Dancer with arm in the air and head looking to the ground with back arched